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4 panels   5 months ago   
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 - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
 - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
RIP family - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
watchugonado - Online Drawing Game Comic Strip Panel
  • DewyBob12

    @manuelfm can you please stop marking every panel you submit as nsfw? Pretty sure most of them (if not all) are sfw. You seem to be playing in a TON of games and as I am not 18 and do not wish to turn on NSFW, its making a lot of SFW games unplayable for me :(

  • DewyBob12

    @manuelfm is it's a bug, Matthew already said you could contact him at [email protected]

  • stripdaddy

    @manuelfm yes, do not abuse the NSFW system. You have been warned.

  • manuelfm

    I was confused now I know I have to put no not NSFW right? @stripdaddy

  • DewyBob12

    @manuelfm yes, you leave it checked as "no"

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