While many of the comics on StripTogether are perfectly safe for work, this is collaborative art project which is uncensored and community generated. Not all content can be guaranteed to be suitable for minors.

If you are a minor or it is illegal for you to access mature images and language, do not proceed.


Frequently Asked Questions

About StripTogether

What is StripTogether?

We’re the comic world’s largest ongoing collaborative art project. StripTogether is a community of artists joining in on comic strips one panel at a time. We’re here for practice, support, and fun all while contributing to something greater. StripTogether is founded on the belief that we can foster stronger community and relationships through collaboration.

Who can draw?

Anyone is welcome to sign up, shuffle, and draw right in the browser. We’re all here to grow. All we ask is that you give it your best.

Where will my art be seen?

Outside of this very website, the number one place we share the best Strips is our Instagram (@striptogether). If you leave your Instagram handle in your bio we'll be sure to tag you when we share your art! We also share some of our Strips on places like Reddit or Tapas.

What is Strip Club?

Strip Club is our premium membership which gives you access to enhanced drawing tools and more options. You can create Strips with lengths up to 9 panels long, and draw Panels with layers. We also a private #strip-club Discord channel. Find out more here.

Who makes StripTogether?

StripTogether is made with love by @strip.daddy on Instagram.

About Drawing

What can I draw with?

All drawing is done right in the browser! On desktop or laptop with your drawing tablet, Microsoft Surface, iPad (you can use your Pencil, too!), or phone. Choose your preferred tools, StripTogether works with them all.

Is there Pen Pressure support?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!

Can I customize my colors?

Yes! Press and hold on the color you’d like to change in your palette.

Will you make an app?

In time! As we grow this community together, we’ll do everything we can to support our (comic) Strippers. :)

About Strips

How do I start a new Strip?

Press the green plus (+) icon on the top bar. Add a name, set the number of Panels, and get drawing!

How do I add to Strips?

Press the shuffle icon on the top bar. You can shuffle as many times as you like to see a random Strip from the public. Scroll down to preview, and if you like it, add the next panel.

Will Friends know if I pass them a Strip?

Yes, they will get an email lettings them know.

What are claimed Strips?

Claimed Strips have been picked up by another Stripper, but they’re not finished drawing the next panel just yet. Strips may be claimed for up to 3 days before automatically moving back to the shuffle pile.

How are Top Strips ranked?

Top Strips are ranked by a combination of Likes and Comments.

About the Community

What are Friends For?

Friendships on StripTogether allow you to pass Strips directly to your favourite Strippers. Your friend request must be accepted before you can pass.

How are Top Strippers ranked?

Every artist on StripTogether is ranked by the number of Stars they have. Make great Panels, collect Stars, and climb the scoreboard!

How are Top Strippers featured?

Our top ten Strippers are featured right on our landing page. As for the top 3? Every week we give a shoutouts on Instagram (@striptogether) for our very best!

What are Stars?

Stars are votes for the best panel in each Strip. On each Strip you can give one Star to your favourite Panel.

Will someone know if I give them a Star?

Yes, new Stars show up in Notifications.

Is there a StripTogether forum?

Not currently, but we invite you to join our Discord server. We have channels for art critiques, comic brainstorms, community ideas, Strip Club, and more.

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