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Spaceman flying past sun comic strip panel
Spaceman lost his space ship comic strip panel
exploding space ship comic strip panel
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Anyone can have fun with Strips one panel at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StripTogether?

StripTogether is the comic world’s largest ongoing collaborative art project. We're a community of artists joining in on comic strips one panel at a time. We’re here for practice, support, and fun all while contributing to something greater. StripTogether is founded on the belief that we can foster stronger community and relationships through collaboration.
Come draw with us!

Who can draw?

Anyone is welcome to sign up, shuffle, and draw right in the browser. We’re all here to grow. All we ask is that you give it your best.

What can I draw with?

All drawing is done right in the browser! On desktop or laptop with your drawing tablet, Microsoft Surface, iPad (you can use your Pencil, too!), or phone. Choose your preferred tools, StripTogether works with them all.

Where will my art be seen?

Outside of this very website, the number one place we share the best Strips is our Instagram (@striptogether). If you leave your Instagram handle in your bio we'll be sure to tag you when we share your art! We also share some of our Strips on places like Reddit or Tapas.

How are Top Strippers featured?

Our top ten Strippers are featured right at the bottom of this page. We also give weekly Instagram shoutouts (@striptogether) for our very best!

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  • Spaceman flying past sun comic strip panel
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  • Spaceman lost his space ship comic strip panel
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