While many of the comics on StripTogether are perfectly safe for work, this is collaborative art project which is uncensored and community generated. Not all content can be guaranteed to be suitable for minors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is StripTogether?

StripTogether is the comic art world’s largest ongoing collaborative art project. We're a comic artist community drawing comic strips step by step, one panel at a time. Grow your network and connect with artists, learn how to draw comic strips, and have fun all while contributing to a larger, continuously growing collection of original webcomic artwork. StripTogether is founded on the belief that we can foster stronger community and relationships through collaboration. Whether you consider yourself a budding artist, a comic book fan, or a professional cartoonist, we welcome you. Come draw with us!

Who can draw comic strips?

Everyone can come draw comics with us! Amateurs, hobbyists, art school students, or professionals. Draw as simple or complex as you like. Maybe you draw stickmen? American Cartoons? Manga? Digital painting? No matter your skill levels or art styles, everyone is welcome to join us in collaboration to draw comics online! Sign up, shuffle, and draw right in your web browser. We’re all here to grow. All we ask is that you give it your best shot.

How can I draw comic strips?

You can draw comics online right in your web browser with our digital comic strip maker! Made for beginners and professionals alike - you can draw on desktop or laptop with your drawing tablet, Microsoft Surface, iPad (you can use your Pencil, too!), or phone. Choose your preferred tools. Our comic art making site works with them all.

Looking for extra support that's not there yet? Get in touch! You can email matthew[at]striptogether.co with any questions, bugs, or feature requests.

How do I add to comic strips?

We give equal chances to all in progress Strips by randomizing their order, and only showing you one comic strip to add your drawing to at a time. When you are logged in, press the shuffle button in the top navigation bar to view a random, incomplete comic strip. You can shuffle as many times as you like to see a random Strip from the public. Scroll down to read the completed panels, and if you're feeling inspired, you can choose to draw your art for the next panel.

Where will my art be seen?

Every single Strip is published publicly right here on our website. The very best comics are also shared on our Instagram (@striptogether). If you leave your Instagram handle in your bio we'll be sure to tag you when we share your art! Our Strips may also be found on places like Reddit or Tapas. And of course, all artists and readers are completely welcome to republish and share any comics they like, with attribution.

How are Top Strippers featured?

Our top ten artists (aka, Strippers) are featured right on this page, as well as the full-length scoreboard which lists all Strippers in our community. We also give weekly Instagram shoutouts in our story every Sunday (@striptogether) for our very best!

How are Top Strippers ranked?

All Strips are made in collaboration, but we encourage and reward our greatest participants. Every time someone reads a comic strip, they can make one vote for their favourite comic panel. Draw the best panel in your Strip, and earn the most Stars. Every artist on StripTogether is ranked by the number of Stars they have earned. Draw great Panels, collect Stars, and climb the scoreboard!

How does it work?

Anyone make comic strips one panel at a time.

  • Shuffle comic strips in the online drawing gameShuffle through in-progress Strips.
  • View comic panels in the online drawing gameSee the most recent comic panels
  • Draw comic strips onlineDraw the next panel. (Right in the browser!)
  • Leave comments for artists in our drawing communityWrite a note for the next Stripper.
  • Pass comic strips to the artist communityPass it to on! (To the public or a friend.)
  • Connect with artists online through collaborationYou'll be notified when it's finished.

We're more than an online drawing game. We're a free community of artists coming together for collaborative growth.

  • See the latest comic strip panels

    See a panel.

  • Spaceman flying past sun online drawing game comic strip panel
  • Draw comics online

    Draw a panel.

  • Spaceman lost his space ship online drawing game comic strip panel
  • Share comics online with community

    Pass it on.

  • The online drawing game, StripTogether

    Collaborative comics.

    One panel at a time.

  • Full online drawing game comic strip for spaceman's lost ship

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